Our company is equipped with two CNC bending machines, that enable us to bend complex elemennts and maintaining high tolerances.

The most essential bending parameters:

  • maximum lenght of the bent element 3000mm,
  • maximumpressing force 150t.

We have modern Bystronic bending machines at our disposal, ranging from small, fast presses, to large and powerful ones.


High bending precision is achieved through an integrated CAM computer system, which enables optimization of the design process and bending simulation

The robotized bending station allows us to achieve 100% repeatability of operations. It minimizes the risk of error, which significantly shortens the production cycle of our clients and enables faster delivery of the product to the market.

Mechanical deburring

Advantages of deburring in alu-frost

  • Clean, smooth surface, ensuring safe use
  • Faster delivery of debbured elements – we save your time
  • Better properties of elements, improving e.g. paint adhesion in the case of powder coating of deburred elements
  • We deburr elements cut-out in alu-frost as well as ones provided by customer
  • There is a possibility to deburre the elements made of stainless steel, aluminium and structural steel.

The most important parameters of deburred elements:

Minimum steel sheet thickness of the machined element: 1mm
Maximum width of the machined element: 200 mm
Maximum height of the of the machined element: 100 mm

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