Steel laser cutting, pipes and profiles, bending

With a variety of materials, modern technology and the knowledge of the entire team, we’ve been sharing the experience we have gained in laser sheet metal processing with our customers since 2013.

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6kW and 10kW Fiber lasers

Cutting with an accuracy of 0,1mm/1m.

350 tones of material in stock

Cutting using own or delivered material.

Technical support

On-site team of designers and technologists at your disposal.


In order to provide our customers comprehensive service, we cooperate with external companies that offer welding, milling, turning and powder coating.

3D laser

As the first in Europe, we have the most advanced laser for cutting pipes and enclosed profiles with round, square and rectangular cross-sections, as well as open and special profiles.
In addition to cutting, the machine has the ability to thermal drilling and threading, beveling and chamfering of the external and internal walls of the cut-out elements. Several processes on one machine significantly reduces processing time and eliminates the need for outsourcing.

Fiber lasers for cutting flat sheets

The power of our machines results not only in reduced cutting time and efficiency, but also into quality. The higher the power of the laser beam, the less heating of the material being cut. This way we obtain better edge, and the cut-out elements do not require further processing

Bending machines

We own two CNC bending machines, thanks to which we shape and form metal elements, adjusting them to specific geometry and constructions requirements.

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Have an idea but need advice?

Come to us, we will help you choose the technology, materials and their thickness.

Don’t know how to make a vector drawing?

We will make it for you. Just send us a hand drawing with dimensions.

Distance doesn’t matter.

You’re not from Sowlany or the surrounding area? It’s not a problem, we deliver cut-out elements to any place in Poland and abroad, as a general cargo, long items and oversized transport.




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